natural horsemanship in Nova Scotia

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What is KORONA riding?

KORONA riding is a natural and gentle way of riding. It requires straightforwardness, responsibility and fairness from the person working with a horse. The goal of KORONA riding is to control the horse with mental will and understanding in order to become the clear and trusted leader of the horse.

Horses are never wrong; they react according to the natural instincts that have evolved over 70 million years of evolutionary history. Working with and understanding these natural instincts or behaviours can create a very rewarding human-horse relationship. By false conduct of a person especially by using pain a horse can only react in the manner it would show a predator.

A horse is physically much stronger than a human, but a human has the mental strength to learn to lead the horse in cooperation with the horse's natural behaviour. By continuous review of the dominance game, the horse becomes accustomed to a human as it's leader. This person must be fully aware of the horse's behaviour and actions in order to set limits which by principle as gentle as possible, but as firm as needed


What is KORONA riding?

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